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Washington University Students Travel to Gate Precast Ashland City to Cast Precast Panels

Last week, 14 students went with Assistant Professor in Architecture Pablo Moyano Fernández from Washington University in St. Louis to Gate Precast’s plant in Ashland City, TN. They had previously shipped molds made by groups of students which they were then able to watch being cast on day one, and being demolded on the second day.

"The experience was amazing," says Moyano. "The students were extremely happy not only with the results but also with the entire experience. They were very impressed with the professionalism and efficiency from the people at Gate. The entire process was excellent, many students mentioned to me that this was the best course they have taken, how much they learned and how different and enriching is to study and draw from actual making real pieces.

"I think we all learned a lot. After taking this course, the students felt now they understand what precast concrete is about and all the possibilities it provides to make strong building envelopes."


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