PCI Foundation Contributors

What is the Leadership Circle?

Cumulative Donations Received January 1, 2001 - December 31, 2017

Some of the most committed donors have stepped up in the last 10 years to help the PCIF become exceptional. We are grateful for their generosity and feel it is important to recognize supporters who have contributed to the PCI Foundation’s success over time. To that end, we have singled out a “Leadership Circle” to recognize the cumulative giving of the select few who have carried the largest share of the PCI Foundation through its humble beginnings to our current robust programs.

Leadership Circle

Platinum Circle $500,000 plus

Gate Precast

JVI Inc.

Gold Circle $250,000 to $499,999

Coreslab Holdings US Inc.

Encon United
The Shockey Precast Group

Silver Circle $150,000 - 249,999

Blakeslee Prestress, Inc.

Bronze Circle to $50,000 - $149,999

GBASF Construction Chemicals Inc.

Consulting Engineers Group, The

Hamilton Form
Oldcastle Precast Building Systems Robert Clark Pacific

Ross Bryan Associates, Inc. Sika Corp.
Tindall Corp.

Wells Concrete

2018 Individual Donors

All donations received between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018

Platinum $50,000 or more

Jim Voss

Silver $5,000 to $9,999

Theodore Coons

Copper $1000 - $4999

Todd Adams
Ned Cleland
Leon H Grant

Dean Gwin
Carl Harris
Patrick Hynes
Ruth Lehmann

Michael Malsom

Martha McIntyre

Marianne Methven

Charles Pizzano

Bob Risser

John Saccoman

Anthony Sassaman

James Sirko

Elizabeth Strohl

Paul & Dora Zia

Contributor - all other donors

Jim Ahtes
Glenn & Sherry Anderson Paul Arthur
Jerry Beasman
Jeff Bishop
William J. Clayton
Brandi Combs
Thomas D’Arcy
Ben Dalsing
Tim Divinski
John Dobbs
Dan Eckenrode
Peter Finsen
Joe Fisher
Dean Frank
James Gerloff
Chris Gibbs
Matt Graf
John Guenther
Amy Holliday

Jeff Johnson

Kevin Kelly

Les Kempers

Contributor (cont.)

Kevin Kelly

Les Kempers

Michael King
Ed Knowles

Robert H. Konoske

Paul Kourajian

Megan Lanning

Mark Leader

Joe Lombard

Emily Lorenz

Edward Losch

Donald E. Meinheit

Richard Miller

Jeff Moehle
Alex Morales

Chris Mosley

Steve L. Nault

Monty Overstreet

Chris Pfiel

Tauna Prince

Chuck Prussack

Don Raths

Dophen Redden

Contributor (cont.)

Gregg Reese

Jim Riccio

Greg Saterdalen
Rob Schrock
Kevin Schrock
Steve Schweitzer
Rita Seraderian
Edith Smith
Robert Smithson
W. J. Stonebraker

Becky Stopnik
Doug Sutton

Roksana Taghizadeh

Richard & Judy Taylor

Matthew Terry

Diep Tu
Joseph Tuttle
Kim Wacker
Michael Wagner

Kristopher WalkFaust

Catrina Walter

Matthew Westgaard

Heidi Ziemann