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PCI Educational Resources

The PCI Foundation is the link between educators and the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute. We work to ensure that any of the tools that PCI has available are distributed to professors and shared throughout the US.

We invite you to come back here often to learn about the newest instructional tools that are available to those teaching precast/prestressed concrete related topics.

Links to PCI Programs for professors

Free Books and Literature

Big Beam Competition

Case Studies

Daniel P. Jenny Research Fellowship Program

Dennis R. Mertz Bridge Research Fellowship

Free Student Membership

PCI Educator Awards

Precast in a Box (Architecture Teaching Aids)

For information on precast in a box contact Ray Clark

Precast Educators Forum

Prestressed in a Box (Engineering Curriculum)

For information on prestressed in a box contact Ray Clark

Professor Membership

Student Chapter Information


Other Teaching Aids

The Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute has many technical educational slide decks available that may be useful in the classroom, including a video tour of a precast concrete plant, and other webinars. Contact Ray Clark if you would like access to any of the available presentations.

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