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Four Short Video Studio Updates Now Available

Professors share what students are learning in their studios and what they have accomplished this year in short video presentations

Last week, just over half of the professors with current PCI grants took part in a zoom "Professor Show and Tell" to give background information on their Precast/Prestressed programs. The PCI Foundation will be uploading each of these video presentations prior to the PCI Convention in order to give the industry background on the school programs and help you seek out professors whose work may be of interest to you.

Look for more videos to be uploaded in the coming days!

Check out the videos below for

  • Washington University in St. Louis. (Architecture)

  • University of Nebraska (Civil Engineering, Construction Management and Architectural Engineering)

  • University of Pennsylvania (Architecture)

  • The University of Alabama (Engineering)


Washington University in St. Louis. (Architecture)

Pablo Moyano Fernandez gives details about how his students work with Gate Precast to make full-size panels to study the versatility of precast concrete.

University of Nebraska (Engineering and Architectural Engineering)

Marc Maguire and George Morcous share how they have integrated precast design into two programs at the school and worked precast concrete ideas into multiple classes.

University of Pennsylvania (Architecture)

Richard Garbor gives examples of how students take a hands-on approach to making large precast designs taking many forms in his studio at Penn.

The University of Alabama (Engineering)

Engineering students working with Sririam Aaleti start learning about precast in their sophomore year, leading up to a class in senior year that focuses on vertical prestressed design and another course in special problems.


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