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The University of Alabama incorporates design, materials and manufacturing into precast program

Sriram Aaleti at the University of Alabama integrates the multiple facets of prefabrication, including materials, design, fabrication, erection and technology into engineering curriculum to expose the future engineers to the concepts of precast industry. This is achieved by developing and incorporating precast centric modules into the curriculum, through multiple classes spanning from sophomore level to graduate level.

CE 366 (3 credits): Introduction to Construction Engineering (offered Fall, Spring, and Summer)

This course, which is required for three degrees: Civil, Construction, and ArchE, introduces students to construction and engineering problems; construction management processes and methods in planning, scheduling, and monitoring engineering projects. In addition, students learned to apply engineering economic principles to construction engineering problems. The class meets twice a week in Spring and Fall, and Monday through Friday for a month in Summer.

CE 461/CE 561: Horizontal Construction Methods (Fall 2020);

This course is required for Construction Engineering students; this is a 3-credit hour class. As part of the studio, the professor covered “precast concrete pavement” in this class and for the first time ever at UA, we introduced prefabricated concrete pavements into our curriculum. A total of 67 students took this class and they were tested on their understanding of the topic in classroom exam/assignment.

CE 459: Pavement Engineering (spring 2021);

This is an elective course for Civil, Construction and Environmental engineering students. As part of the studio, we introduced more detailed design aspects of precast pavements were covered. A total of 25 students took this class.

CE 462/CE 562: Vertical Construction Methods (Fall 2020);

This course is required/elective for Civil, Construction and Architectural Engineering students; this is a 3-credit hour class. As part of the studio, the students spent a week learning about precast concrete construction. Rob Pavel from Gate Precast delivered the lectures. Students then took an exhaustive quiz on the topic. Students reported back that the lectures focused on applicable information that they will use in their career.

Unique Program Aspects

· Resources from NPCA and FHWA were used to highlight the challenges and opportunities for precast concrete pavements – this was the first time that students at the university had learned about precast pavements.


Sriram Aaleti, PhD

Associate Professor

Industry Partners

Gate Precast

Rob Pavel

PCI Gulf South

Dan Eckenrode

Student Statistics

  • A total of 267 students – both graduate and undergraduate, were involved in one or more of the PCI Foundation program classes during 2020-21

  • Students from Architectural Engineering and Civil Engineering are required to take classes that include precast concrete design subjects


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