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Professors "Show and Tell" gives updates on Precast Studios

Professors with current PCI grants took part in a zoom "Professor Show and Tell" to give background information on

their Precast/Prestressed programs. The PCI Foundation will be uploading each of these video presentations prior to the PCI Convention in order to give the industry background on the school programs and help you seek out professors whose work may be of interest to you.

The final videos from the program are included here:

  • Kansas State University, Hayder Rasheed

  • Florida International University, David Garber

  • Kennesaw State University, Giovani Loreto and and Jeffrey Collins

Kansas State University

Hayder Rasheed shares his new student learning kit "Two beams in a Box" - which students can do in a classroom, or as part of distance learning to understand the concept of prestressed concrete design.

Florida International University

David Garber gives an update on his precast studio and how he has flipped the classroom to help deal with new student learning challenges.

Kennesaw State University

Giovanni Loreto and Jeffrey Collins share their experience teaching architecture using the PCI Foundation grant at Kennesaw State in Georgia.


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