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Ask Clark Pacific’s Doug Bevier:

What benefits does Clark Pacific get from being an industry partner with a PCI Foundation-sponsored studio”  He begins by quoting Aristotle: 

"As Aristotle once said, “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” We couldn’t agree more and we are grateful to the PCI Foundation for spearheading a program that is based around doing.

It is our responsibility to help educate the next generation of precast engineers and designers, the program not only offers the students a hands-on experience but a chance for our employees to become engaged in the learning community. PCI is paving a path for today’s students that will continue to develop the workforce to help our industry grow and innovate, a benefit to us all.

Working with the students as they take an idea from paper, to the manufacturing facility to the jobsite is infectious and provides an invaluable perspective to our company and employees. “  


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