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Remember the PCI Foundation when filling out your dues declaration

When you are filling out your 2021 dues declaration for PCI, you will have an opportunity to make an easy investment in the future of the precast industry. By opting in and including a donation to the PCI Foundation with your PCI dues, you help ensure that students will enter the workforce with a working knowledge of precast concrete.

The students that we are reaching aren’t just making a difference to the plants and people working with them in the region where they are, but around the country. And our programs are crossing over, both in the buildings and bridge market. The Foundation has taken a comprehensive approach to teaching precast, covering all the products PCI members make. Our body of knowledge isn’t very useful if people haven’t learned about it and use it. It is a crucial element in helping to grow the precast market.

Any company or individual may opt out of this investment, but I hope you will consider making the investment at the recommended level, or at any level that is right for you.


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