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University of Nebraska Studio Combines Three Areas of Study

Construction Management, Construction Engineering and Architectural Engineering schools all take part in Precast Program

The UNL Precast Design Studio in the Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction (DSAEC) at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln (UNL) is coordinated by Dr. Marc Maguire and Dr. George Morcous. The goal of this program is to integrate precast concepts throughout our entire Construction Management (CNST), Construction Engineering (CONE), and Architectural Engineering (AREN) program. By virtue of the UNL curriculum organization, this will also engage structures-focused Civil Engineering students.

During the first year (2021-2022), the goal was to develop one new course for Construction

Management and Construction Engineering students. This course is CNST 4980 Precast Concrete Construction and is an upper-level technical elective. In addition to this dedicated course, precast modules were integrated throughout CNST and CONE undergraduate programs.

For the second year (2022-2023), a second new course was developed for Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Construction Engineering students called AREN 8930 Precast Concrete Building Engineering. This course is in addition to the modules developed in the previous years. The two new developed courses will alternate yearly from here on out.

Click on the document below to read the full report on the studio (use the square at the bottom left to get it to your full screen).



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