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The Power of ONE

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

“I am a big believer in The Power of ONE,” says Chris Pastorius, VP & GM of Metromont Corporation. Coincidentally Chris moves into the role of Foundation Chairman in 2021.

“It only takes ONE person to start making a change. The PCI Foundation started with a vision from ONE person, Jim Voss, and that was to expand the educational activities of precast/prestressed concrete at select Universities.” “ONE studio opened in 2007. To date there have been a total 31 Studios comprised of 4000 students who have participated in studio programs, with about half of them now in the workforce. Because of the efforts of the PCI Foundation these graduates have a much better understanding of the benefits that precast/prestressed products bring to a project. In the future these allies of precast could influence whether or not a job includes precast/prestressed concrete.” Chris, who is based in Winchester, Virginia is a longtime supporter of the Foundation and says “I am looking forward to continuing the growth pattern that the PCI Foundation has experienced over the past several years and adding additional studios to our portfolio. The more we educate those entering the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Management workforce about precast/prestressed concrete the better off our Industry will be”. Chris can be reached at

2021 Foundation Board of Trustees News The Foundation Board of Trustees has announced its Officers including Chris Pastorius/Metromont as Chairman; Greg Force/Tindall assumes the role of Vice Chairman; Dan Juntunen / Wells Concrete continues as the Treasurer; Ray Clark/ PCI Georgia/Carolinas assumes the role of Secretary; and Adel ElSafty/University of North Florida continues as Academic Advisory Council Chair. New board members include Ruth Lehmann/PCI West and Monty Overstreet/ FDG.

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