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Precast Content Weaved Through Curriculum at Kennesaw State

Several PCI Foundation grant recipients joined together at the beginning of January to share ideas on how they are teaching precast concrete in the time of Covid, and to give updates on how their studios are coming along.

Liz Martin-Malikian and Giovani Loreto from Kennesaw State in Georgia were on the call and shared their experience teaching precast concepts in the fall of 2020. With the help of Metromont, they were able to bring 92 students together to make small samples for some in-person, hands on learning that is hard to come by right now.

"When we applied and received our PCI Foundation grant. It wasn't specifically for one studio, it was for five different classes that we plan on pulling through the whole curriculum," says Martin-Malikian. "And so we were trying to have some more of a synthesis and integration by bringing in also inter-departmental. We are bringing in Robotics for Megatronics later on." This presentation demonstrates how that work is progressing.

Each presentation is about 10 minutes long and shows exactly how a university and local industry can work together, even in the most difficult circumstances, to make a student experience meaningful.


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