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Hands-On Learning in a Pandemic The New Context for Teaching and Learning

The 2021 Precast Studio at Carleton University began in January 2021. University students jumped at the opportunity to work with Ultra High Strength Precast Concrete (UHPC) in the Precast Studio, led by Associate Professor Sheryl Boyle and Assistant Professor Jerry Hacker. The studio was predicated on making as a way of knowing, even if it meant doing table top sketches, kitchen sink models and backyard casting in the middle of winter.

Support by Research led by Sinan Husic

The Mitacs CPCI Intern for 2020/21, Sinan Husic, is developing a rich graduate thesis on the concept of digital and manual craft using UHPC. He also served as the Research Assistant and “hands on the ground” in the lab at Carleton. Research work dependent on lab activities was pe