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Going Hybrid in a Hands-on World

Idaho State's Precast Studio had to figure out how to move its classes from in-person to hybrid when the pandemic hit

Part of of made it possible was to make the class smaller, but the studio also looked at what resources were available on campus that could still give students a "hands on" experience without doing the traveling to precast plants that it typically does with the precast studio.

One resource is the new "Disaster Response Complex" on campus, that was an outdoor area where students could visit precast parts to see the scale and structure first hand without leaving campus.

"We've had some great donations from Oldcastle infrastructure and Teton Prestressed, who have given us pretty much as much as we want on the precast," says Bruce Savage, the department head at Idaho who oversees the program. "A lot of seconds, still very viable pieces. We just have to transport them to our facility, and it's our little sandbox, if you will, we get to play out there and move these things around, but it gives us an opportunity to take the students out there."

Learn more about Idaho State stepped up to the hybrid model during the 2020/2021 school year with the latest edition of "Studio Nation."

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