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Colorado State Boot Camp Carries on Through Covid

Assistant Professor Mohammed Hashem Mehany at Colorado State recently received an email from one of his former students who is currently working on a precast job. "He was just saying how grateful he is because right now he got assigned actually in the precast project," says Mehany. "And he thinks that he knows a lot more than other people actually on his job and not just at his age, even other people who are very experienced in his company because he's working for a GC for now. And it's, it's pretty cool to see that. That he knows a lot and it really came to fruition, all of those classes and site visits and everything, and the precasters love him too. So it's kind of cool."

At Colorado State, Mehany and the local Precast Producers, Wells Concrete and Encon United compress a lot of learning into a short "Boot Camp" experience. Students from two programs, engineering and construction management, work together in the classroom and in the field to get precast basics down, and prepare them to face what precast might offer in the work world.


y shared how the studio went this year in our most recent episode of "Studio Nation."


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