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Washington University at St. Louis


This seminar focuses on the use of traditional precast concrete assembliesas criticalcomponents of building envelopes; while asking students to challenge and find innovative ways of rethinking precast envelopes. Through plant visits to St. Louis Prestress (structural precast) and Gate Precast (architectural precast) and lectures given by Scott Robinson (Gate), students will understand basic principlesof the precast industryand use their creativity to propose innovative ways to use precast wall panels. 

The ultimate course’s objective is to conduct in-depth understanding and development of architectural ideas based on the technical, experiential and aesthetic exploration of precast concreteapplied to building envelopes. Culminating with the construction of full scale mock up pieces asperformative concrete skins. This course will actively expose students to real worlddesign, fabrication and building experience related to precast concrete systems. This is a unique opportunity to cultivate a strong collaborationbetween academia and the precast concrete industry seeking a long term relationship. 

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