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University of Delaware

The proposed project will establish a four-year PrecastDesign Studio at the University of Delaware (UD). The design studio will partner with Ernest Maier Inc and PCI Mid-Atlantic Chapter to provide rewarding educational, professional developmentand networking opportunities for UD students. The specific objectives of the program are to: (1) educate students in precast; (2) immerse students in team-based precast design projects; (3) engage students in personalized mentoring experiences; (4) provide hands-on co-op opportunities for UD students; and, ultimately, (5) attract top talent to precast industry. These objectives will be accomplished by delivering a re-designed course on precast and prestressed concrete to upper-level undergraduates and graduate students. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to participate in Precast Co-op and other professional development and networking activities. By participating in the program, UD students will be able to: (1) describerelevant technical concepts; (2) apply their knowledge to apreliminary design of a precast building; (3) demonstrate ability to lead and participate in teamwork; and (4) use oral communication to effectivelycommunicate technical concepts. The proposed project benefits PCI Foundation and precast industry by exposing over 200 studentsto precast, which willencourage them to consider precast and related industries as a possible career choice. Moreover, by participating in the proposed activities, the students will gain invaluable knowledge which will empower them to specify precast on projects in their professional careers.
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