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Kansas State University


The principal investigators at California State University-Chico and Kansas State University will embark on

a very innovative, far-reaching, and comprehensive educational program to develop a suite of two critical

cross-campus courses directly serving the precast industry. The two courses will be enriched with many

technologically advanced features to boost their success. Students will be exposed to a hybrid oncampus/

online learning environment full of cross-campus mutual interactions as well as interactions with

the industry by means of discussion boards, zoom meetings, and chat rooms throughout the learning

experience. In-person and virtual site visits to fabrication plants and construction sites are planned.

Simplified, yet rigorous, term project experiences through designing, manufacturing, and testing two

“BEAMS IN A BOX” will support the overall learning outcomes. One of the beams will be precast only while the other one will be precast/prestressed. The interaction with industry professionals is furthered as a key component of this proposed program through direct classroom teaching and learning by guest lecturing on specific topics from the planned curriculum. The committed support of the West and Midwest PCI

chapters and local fabricators will guarantee the facilitation of the program activities to their full extent.

The support of the administration in both Universities will reassure the continuation of this program success beyond the project span. The courses are geared towards senior undergraduate and entry-level Master’s students who form the main drive of the engineering workforce in this country. One course will address the precast concrete production management and the other course will tackle the design and

construction of precast concrete members in buildings. Plans of proposing a certificate in precast concrete from both Universities to seniors and Master students upon graduation are also envisioned.

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