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Colorado State University

Colorado State University


Fort Collins CO



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Colorado State University 2021

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Colorado State’s Construction Management and Engineering schools took a different approach to teaching precast concrete by creating a “Precast Boot Camp” for students who were able to have six weeks of study on precast concrete outside of their regular classroom work.

The students worked with industry partners who came into the school and leant their expertise on topics such as:

• The sustainability and life cycle cost aspects of precast, • The use of BIM in precast, • Scheduling and planning (time savings associated with precast), • Estimating of precast projects • Site logistics and execution planning

A key part of the program is working with the industry to ensure that students are receiving the knowledge they will need to make precast concrete projects successful once they are in the field. “When we put that curriculum together we worked together to make sure that this is information that we need to have for those students,” says Mohammed Mehany, Assistant Professor of Construction Management, the lead professor on the program. “I want them to understand how you coordinate them there. I want them to understand estimating. I want to understand scheduling.”

Each week, a different member of the local industry came in to lead the students in a program that culminated with the students have an enriched sense of the precast concrete industry and a readiness to work with the product that was not there prior to the program being in place.


• Encon United • Rocky Mountain Prestress (Now Wells Precast)

• PCI Mountain States

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