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This Is Working - Guest Blog from Chairman Tom D'Arcy

During the next few months, when you hear from the PCI Foundation you’ll see that we are focusing on a theme: This is Working! This program answers the question: are the studios producing graduate architects and engineers who understand precast/prestressed concrete and are designing structures using the material? Recently, we created a database of all the  graduates of our programs that we could find to learn more about where they end up and the type of work they do. The results tell a fantastic story. From our first program in 2007 until now, students have moved from trainee positions into positions of responsibility. They work all over the country.

Our first program was at the Illinois Institute of Technology and the class included graduate and under grad students. One of them, Alex Koenadi is featured elsewhere in this newsletter. When you read his Q & A, you’ll see that Alex has not only been working as an architect, he has also played a role in the design of several precast buildings that have used both architectural and structural precast. We found of over 100 companies, government agencies or other organizations that employed graduates who had completed a PCI Foundation - sponsored program.

Some firms, such as Gensler, RS&H and Kimley-Horn employed multiple graduates, of those now working, about 73% have graduated from schools of architecture, 24% from schools on engineering and 3% from schools of construction management. We also hear from precasters who are seeing former students back in their plants on precast projects. They come to the plant armed with knowledge about our products and industry that make them better designers and allow us to create better projects.

It’s easy to say “the programs are working without my support” however, this misses the point. With your support the programs expands. Think what impact we could have on the design profession if 50% of the architectural and engineering programs at universities had a PCI Foundation program. We aren’t just advertising and hoping the right people read it. The studios directly expose a/e students to the precast/prestressed industry.Today, we identify all students and track them as they leave the school. As we continue our work, I believe you will continue to see This is Working! Come on, get on board. We guarantee you will find it worth your while and investment.

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