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The 2014 PCI Foundation Studio at the University of Southern California

For the 2nd Annual Precast Concrete Facades conference, this year the University of Southern California folded the precast presentations into the larger FACADE TECTONICS 14 conference in Los Angeles.  This was a very successful strategy, as it allowed the precast speakers access to a larger audience.  

Well over 400 architects attended this conference, and the precast presentations were full.  They had a number of outstanding presentations, and hope to encourage PCI producer-members to provide even more presentations for the 2015 conference.

Douglas Noble and Karen Kensek coordinated the conference and gave special thanks to Clark Pacific, CoreSlab Structures, and Walters & Wolf for continued sponsorship.  Doug Mooradian of PCI West put in many hours to encourage the precast participants and support the program.

LA LIVE MARRIOTT: A Case Study in Precast Building Envelopes         Thomas Ketron, Director of Marketing, Clark-Pacific         Michael Ryan, PE, LEED AP, Chief Estimator – Architectural Systems, Clark-Pacific

WATSON LAND COMPANY CORPORATE HQ: Performance, Sustainabilty and Innovation at its Best         Jon Clausen, VP of Sales, Coreslab Structures (L.A.) Inc.         Gwen Madrid, Project Consultant, Coreslab Structures (L.A.) Inc.

ULTRA HIGH PERFORMANCE CONCRETE: Shaping Today’s Designs         Kelly Henry, Architectural Project Manager at Lafarge

POLISHED INSULATED CONCRETE PANELS: Basalt Macrofiber Reinforcing Alvin Ericson, Technical Consultant and Director, Basalt Products Group, LLC

PRECAST CONCRETE CLADDING: Experimental Testing for Building Facade Systems         Kurt McMullin, Professor, San Jose State University         Eugenia Tai, San Jose State University         Tu-An Ma, San Jose State University

HIGH PERFORMANCE PRECAST CONCRETE: The Sustainability of Precast Concrete         Doug Mooradian, AIA, PCI West 

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