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Survey Shows Great Student Impact from Precast Studios

In order to understand the student experience in the Foundation’s Precast Studios, to help improve future studios, and to collect contact information for studio Alumni, we created a Precast Studio Alumni Survey. This survey is open to any Alumni of PCI Foundation –sponsored or other precast studios. I requested the help of all of the studio professors in locating students to take the survey. The more recent studios had better contact information on students, and we have a better response from those schools.

Students who were surveyed came from all of the formal PCI Foundation Precast programs at

  • Univeristy of Southern California

  • New Jersey Institute of Technology

  • Illinois Institute of Technology

  • University of North Florida

  • University of North Carolina Charlotte

  • California State Polytechnic University

A few came from precast programs that are independent of the PCI Foundation, but are aligned with PCI

  • SIU Carbondale

  • University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (Spancrete Studio)

The following questions were asked of all the students:

On a scale on 1 to 10 with 1 being the WORST EVER and 10 being the BEST EVER how would you rate your overall Precast Studio experience?

The average rating of the overall experience was 8.60, with the majority (90%) rating it 8 or above.

3. Please rate the educational value of the following activities or items often done in conjunction with the precast industry during a precast studio.

Of the students who participated in certain activities, we rated which were the favorites. The students rated the “hands on” activities highest - giving plant tours and samples high marks. Also popular (and done at many of the schools, were guest lectures that were offered by industry partners.

Visits to the precaster plant and to architectural firms received the highest ratings for activities done by a studio. The publication of the studio work was also ranked highly in those studios where it was done.