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Student Projects at Rhode Island School of Design

Brett Schneider,  from the Rhode Island School of Design shared these photos of his  1:1 Precast Concrete Arch 21st Advanced Studio. The studio focuses on the design and execution of 1:1 architectural objects using the material of precast concrete. The students will progress from research on the technical methods of fabrication, to castings in scale models typically in plaster, and full size castings with concrete.

Through the support of the PCI Foundation and nearby member fabricators, the studio includes multiple trips to nearby precast facilities to provide background on conventional methods of executing precast concrete elements and later as a location for pouring of the full scale components comprising the students’ design projects.

Additional technical workshops with students working as group will also be included to introduce general methods working with concrete and formwork hands on.

Students have worked closely with Rita Seradarian and members of the PCI Northeast Chapter. 

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