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SDSU Featured Student: Ethan Millar

When the architecture school at South Dakota State University gets started this fall, it will have a teaching assistant in place who will be able to use his previous experience in the studio, and at the PCI Convention to help the next generation of studio students. 

Ethan Millar took part as a student in the first SDSU studio as a third-year architecture student working with the town of Mobridge, South Dakota to create a "pocket park" along the Missouri River. The students at SDSU work closely not only with a rural community but also with Gage Brothers in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to create a small project that benefits the community. In addition to his work at school, Millar traveled to the 2014 PCI Convention in Dallas, Texas and was part of the team that created a poster in the show hall that promoted the studio's work. 

Did the relationship of the studio with Gage Brothers assist you in learning? If yes, how?