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RISD Students Get Cradle to Grave Look at Boston Precast

Rhode Island School of Design student's taking part in the 2014 Precast Studio took part in a day-long precast-related tour in Boston. Led by Robert Del Vento Jr., of Coreslab Structures and Rita Seradarian of PCI Northeast. Students in the program are either 4th year undergraduate students or graduate students.

"We were able to give the students a look at the design process from beginning to end," says Del Vento. "We started the day at architecture firm Add, Inc. where architect Michael Moorehead gave a presentation that reviewed design considerations and examples of projects using architectural precast concrete cladding materials. Then we went on a walking tour to a project recently completed at 319 A Street, followed by visiting the installation at the Pier 4 Luxury Apartments. It allowed the students to see precast from cradle to grave." 

In addition to touring the exterior of the project, the students were able to examine how the precast works with the structural system inside the structure.

The students had toured another precast plant on a previous day as part of the program.


The Precast Studio at RISD is in its first year and is being led by Assisstant Professor Brett Schneider. Sponsorship comes from the PCI Foundation and locally from the PCI Northeast.

"The broad objective of this PCI Foundation funded studio is to test opportunities for serious engagement with industry as a strategy for learning about construction technology and the construction industry as a whole," says Schnedier. "RISD’s Department of Architecture is committed to exposing students to the design and fabrication of full-sized components of architecture. The PCI studio will provide comprehensive exposure to the precast industry. "

Photo courtesy of Robert Del Vento Jr., Coreslab Structures. 

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