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Professors Send a Spark with 2023 Seminar in Miami

The 2023 PCI Foundation Professors Seminar took place May 17-19 at Florida International University in Miami Fl. David Garber, was the host. We were co-sponsored by PCI and Canadian PCI. The theme was “Spark” for sparking new ideas.. We invited PCI to also spark interest in some of the new offerings they now have for professors such as Prestress in a Box and the student PCI Design handbook edition. PCI also offered information on its R & D program from Jared Brewe.. Neil Minuk from the University of Manitoba presented information on the CPCA programs. The highlight of the program according to many of those in attendance was the round-table portion of the day.

There was also some unscheduled discussion on AI and how students are using it, and how the professors are combating cheating using AI.

In total we had:

35 attendees

13 first time attendees

19 Professors

8 first time professor attendees


9 Architecture Professors

1 Construction Management / Concrete Industry Management

1 Concrete Industry Management

4 Construction Management

6 Engineering

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