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Peter Finsen Chosen as the Foundation's First Partner of the Year

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

To be chosen as the inaugural winner of Partner of the Year, this person must have worked with one or more schools and have facilitated programs as part of the schools’ Foundation-funded programs. Chosen as Outstanding Partner is Peter Finsen, Executive Director & CEO of the Georgia/Carolinas PCI. Finsen personifies exemplary leadership and has made a major, positive impact on the Foundation and the precast industry.

According to those who nominated Finsen, no one exemplifies passion for and commitment to the Foundation’s programs more than Finsen. “Peter embodies the essence of this award; he is a true partner,” said Dr. Michael Carlos Barrios Kleiss, PhD at Clemson University’s School of Architecture. Clemson’s successful program is just one of the many studios Finsen made possible.

Finsen, who is based in Atlanta, has been instrumental in building several design studio programs through lending his own expertise as a trained architect and rallying the support of PCI members. As a Chapter Executive he has produced workshops and is a passionate promoter of the education mission of the Foundation.

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