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PCI Foundation Award Nominations are Open Until August 31, 2023

Partner of the Year and Community Engagement Award Showcase How PCI Studios Work in Their Schools and Communities

Nominations are open for the PCI Foundation's two awards,the 2023 Partner of the Year and the 2023 Community Engagement Award. The coexistence of these two awards signifies the PCI Foundation's commitment to a well-rounded approach to industry programs. The Partner of the Year Award emphasizes the importance of collaboration, innovation, and technical expertise, driving the industry's progress. On the other hand, the Community Engagement Award highlights the industry's responsibility to positively influence the communities it serves, making a meaningful difference in people's lives.

Together, these awards form a powerful narrative, demonstrating that excellence in the precast concrete industry extends beyond business achievements. It is about creating a sustainable, innovative, and socially responsible built environment that benefits society as a whole.

Check out the award criteria below for more information.

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