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PCI Foundation at the Precast Show & PCI Convention

The PCI Foundation Trustees have canceled most of the in-person programs at the PCI Convention. At present here is what we have planned.

What will happen:

* We are still offering financial support for any professors and students from our grant programs who wish to travel to the convention. $1300 for one professor or $2600 for 2 or more professors. $750 for one student or $1500 for 2 or more students. I can either give it directly to the professor, or pay it through the region. * We have a small block of rooms at the Courtyard Marriott for students & professors who may be attending for $169 a night. All with 2 beds in each room. Call or email Laura if you think you can use any of those rooms for any students you might have attending. * We will still have a professors Round Table on Friday morning at the show. It will be hybrid, so any professors not able to attend will still be able to participate. If you plan to attend in person, or know a professor is attending in person, please let me know so I can have the room set up appropriately. An accurate headcount is important. * Video Competition On Saturday morning, our education session about the studio programs will be happening. However, we are looking at making this into a remote student competition so students could submit video poster sessions about their program in advance, we would pick the top five to show, and announce the top 3 winners at the show and give out cash prizes. Then all the studio poster/videos would be made available. If * YouTube and FB Student Live Segments from the Precast Show - I will be selecting a couple of students to work with on a “ Live" segments to follow on their Precast Show experience. This will not be going out as a general call for students, but I’ll work with the professors & you to find 3-4 camera-friendly students to follow as they experience the show and give other students a virtual show experience.

* The PCI Foundaiton/NPCA Foundation Silent Auction will still take place during the Precast Show. Since these last two are completely new ideas and not yet fully formed, I can use all the help I can get to make them happen. If you have ideas about how you can help get them done or how they might work well, let me know. What won’t happen: * Project Precast is canceled * The Poster Session is canceled * The Student Party is canceled * PCI Foundation After Dark is canceled * The student scavenger hunt is canceled

We look forward to hosting our usual robust schedule of fundraising and programs at the PCI Convention in March 2022 in Kansas City.

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