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Page Cross: Clemson University

Page Cross took some time out of her poster session display at the PCI Convention to share what she learned during the Precast Studio taught by Carlos Barrios at Clemson University. She was impressed by the range of possibilities that precast offers, and plans on using it in projects when she goes to work after she graduates. 

"I would like to extend my thanks for allowing me the opportunity to learn about precast concrete through the PCI sponsored architecture studio at Clemson University. I took this class in the fall of 2017 under the instruction of Dr. Michael Carlos Barrios Kleiss and the mentorship of Peter Finsen," says Cross. "Being able to talk to engineers one on one about my project, participating in workshops for form liners, and attending the Precast National Convention has given me the skills to use precast in my career. I now understand how to think in precast more than any other material and I believe I can create wonderfully attractive buildings like those awarded at the convention."

"Tindall and Metromont were very eager to help and answer our questions as well as interested and perhaps sometimes entertained by our proposals. Working with KCCT architects and the State Department on a real world projects such as the Embassy in Rio de Janeiro, with the support of the PCI helped me and my partner Taylor to bring our building to the next level and has impressed during interviews and given me a great experience to talk about. I am excited about the precast projects to come at my new job in Greenville and am looking forward to using Peter as a resource for our work."

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