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How to Start the Grant Process

Once a school expresses an interest in a obtaining a PCI Foundation grant and has the support of a local partner, they may submit a preliminary proposal . If that meets the PCI Foundation baseline criteria

1. New Precast Curriculum

2. Local Industry Partner Support

3. School Administration Support

4. Meets the PCI Foundation Mission

PCIF puts together an academic advisory committee (which includes professor, local partner, PCI Foundation Trustee Liaison, executive director, and academic council chair) to work on a full proposal. This is written by both the local partner and the professor. The advisory committee reviews and steers the proposal until it is ready to be seen by the full PCI Board of Trustees. There are often several re-writes before it goes before the full board - the advisory committee’s job is to ensure that it is a funding-worthing proposal. • Cultivates Relationship between precast industry and academic community • Develops and attracts high-potential students to productive careers within the industry • Facilitates inclusion of precast concrete systems and technology in university curricula • Exposes students to “real world”design/construction experiences related to precast concrete. For more information, visit the PCI Proposal page:

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