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Heavy + Light : Shaping the Environment through Precast

SARUP X Spancrete (Wells) Studio

ARCH 650/850 // Spring 2020

Students in Alexander Timmer's University of Wisconsin Milwaukee School of Architecture took a new approach to designing with precast this semester. They first looked at the components themselves, and then concentrated on using those components in a structure to create areas of light within four buildings. Students came away from the exercise with vastly different designs, some complex and some simple, but all able to creatively use just a few precast components to create multiple structural environments.

One of the bright spots in the studio, according to several students, was the ability to cast their designs and obtain hands on experience, even on a smaller scale. Sometimes the early failure of a cast lead to valuable lessons in precast design, including understanding draft in the form, the stress placed on a product in extracting it from the form, the value of the release agent, and how a more complex form can lead to difficulties in creating a mold.


Students shared more about their experience in the brief video below. You will also find the course description at the bottom of the page. Use the square at the bottom right side to read it full screen.

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