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Guest Blog - USC Looking for Ideas to Teach 27 Innovations

Guest Blog from Doug Noble, USC

Supported by a grant from the PCI Foundation, the USC School of Architecture plans to design and construct a full-size “wall” project in the 2016-2017 academic year.

We need your ideas.

\We are in the earliest stages of planning, and we are reaching out to the precast industry for advice. While it would be fairly straightforward to carry out this project and build a relatively standard wall, we want to do something special.  We need your help to guide us as to what “special” might mean.  

\We already have some ideas, but we want to hear from you. We would like to incorporate “27 Innovations” in the design and delivery of this project.

What does that mean? The wall will be constructed and installed in a permanent location. We want the results of this project to be more than just educating students about traditional precast.  We want to advance the envelope of precast, and develop a showpiece of new ideas, processes and technology.  We have some of the “27 innovations” already in mind, but we know that those involved in the precast industry will also have ideas that we are not aware of.

So this is your chance to let us know of ideas you might have about advancing the state-of-the-art in precast.  Maybe you have a new admix