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Clemson Takes on Sustainable Infrastructure with PCI Foundation Grant

The School of Architecture at Clemson University in Clemson, SC will create a design studio and other courses that focus on a southeastern high-speed rail line. Lead by Assistant Professor Carlos Barrios, the school will address design scenarios associated with a project of this magnatude. This should allow design and research teams comprised of both faculty and students to investigate design and material innvoations that are associated with infrastructure and transportation options at various scales.

  • High-speed transit stations

  • Multi-modal transporation hubs

  • Parking structures

  • Bridges and structures for accessibility

  • Trail heads, public facilities, public park and play structures

  • Sustainable housing

  • Bike storage, security, repair facilities

  • Co-op and community structurs/facilities

  • Public space fixtures

  • Kiosk/way finding devices

  • Surface treatments for pedestrians, bikes and autos

  • Barriers and railings

  • Sound walls, and

  • Retaining walls

Starting in the fall of 2014, Clemson will create a series of design studios and seminars that will maintain a unique profile and maximize college, school and department collaboration. The school will be working with local partners to gain industry insight for this project. Peter Finsen of the Georgia/Carolinas PCI will coordinate from the industry side.

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