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2023 Project Precast Presentations

Six Teams show off their skills working as a team and creating a design for a community in-reach center for the Franklinton neighborhood in Colunbus, OH

This unique design competition includes:

  • Six Teams - each sponsored by a team of mentors who help the students through the project design

  • Four Students Per Team (2 architecture, 1 CIM or CM, and 1 engineering)

  • Cash Prize for winning Team of $1000 per student

  • Cash Prize for "People's Choice" Award ($500 per team member)

The presentations were given on the Friday of the PCI Convention to about 100 people. Check them out here. Special thanks to Sika for sponsoring the competition and to Hamilton Form for sponsoring the People's Choice award. To learn more about the project, see a short video here.


Team Metromont (Winner)


Team Wells (People's Choice Winner)

Team CEG

Team Clark Pacific

Team Coreslab

Team Tindall

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