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2021-2022 Year in Review

2020-2021 was a year of growth and change for the PCI Foundation and its programs. Just finishing its 14th year of Precast Studio programs, the schools we worked with faced unprecedented challenges due to Covid-19. The PCI Foundation was able to help our Studios achieve their learning goals this year - by providing extra space that allowed students to meet in person, to providing extra webinar programs, or giving opportunities for field trips.

With the addition al more studios to our program we currently have 35 professors and 27 studios either in process or in progress. And over the course of the last two semesters, we were able to touch about 618 students - including those who took year-long programs, attended PCI Club meetings, took a one-semester design course, or even just had an introduction to precast in a materials class, preparing the way for future learning.

After a 1-year hiatus we were able to hold our professors seminar in June in Sacramento, Ca with the help of PCI West, Sacramento State, and Clark Pacific. This was the best attended seminar yet, with six new professors interested in learning more about possibly having a program at their school.

The numbers don't lie. Despite a rocky year year and difficulties in getting students together and the cancellation of many events, we still were able to have an excellent program thanks to the professors and their partners at all the schools we work with.

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