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McNeese State University


"The primary objective of this proposal is to establish a PCI studio at McNeese State University (MSU).  PCI has established several architectural studios in a number of universities.  However, this studio will focus on engineering.  The students will work with local producers and will perform actual engineering design and construction for precast elements.  Their work will be reviewed by experts.  The studio will benefit from the partnership with two local producers that are specialized in precast and serving nationally.   The industry partners have shown great commitments to the studio.  They and will be hosting students every year and will provide funding.  Several curriculum changes will be taking place in order to facilitate the interaction between the university and precast industry.  The studio will feature several precast plant tours, industry speakers’ talks, actual design, actual construction, showcase events, work review and critique, and attending professional events. This is expected to be rewarding to our students and the program.  This project is critical, as it will provide  students  with  an  opportunity  to  perform  full  design,  work  on  hands-on  projects,  and become prepared to work in precast industry after graduation.  In addition, the project is expected to help the PI to become more competitive in future grant opportunities.  Dr. Abdel-Mohti will be the school champion for this project and will be leading the project.  Prof. Ted Thompson, who has more than 40 years of experience in construction, will be assisting in the project by guiding students in the business aspect of the design and construction of the project.  The broader impact of this grant will be in engineering education, project based learning, and preparing industry-ready graduates.  MSU students will benefit from having the PCI studio and from connecting with the precast industry.  The PI will serve as the director of the studio and will be the point of contact to

nformation about the studio and its activities.  Also, the PI will perform annual assessments of the project activities completed."

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