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New Jersey Institute of Technology

New Jersey Institute of Technology


Newark, NJ



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Architecture, CIM


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The PCI Foundation program at the New Jersey Institute of Technology ended with the final review of seventeen diverse precast designs. Co-sponsored by MAPA and PCI Northeast, the studio design challenge centered on the creation of a hydroponic research facility on a challenging narrow urban site bordered by a transit line and I-95. Led by NJIT Asst. Professor Matt Burgermaster, the students went through an intensive program of learning about precast construction, creating molds and making plaster test pours, and responding to a challenging research facility design program.

The students responded with a stunning variety of cutting-edge precast designs utilizing such techniques as fabric forms, photographic transfer, embedded radiant heating, and translucent concrete.

Special thanks to these individuals who assisted with this year's Studio Program:

  • Marshall Walters, Architectural Polymers

  • Rob Del Vento, Corelslab Structures Connecticut

  • Rita Seraderian, PCI Northeast

  • Marty McIntyre, PCI Illinois/Wisconsin


Student work featured on the slideshow submitted by:

  • KyungJim Kim

  • Pablo Lopez

  • Rana Karca

  • Michael Middleton

  • Travis Stracquadanio

Case Studies

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