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Playing for Keeps: Join the PCI Foundation Team

Since the Precast Studios were established by the PCI Foundation in 2007, a wave of change has taken place in how architects, engineers and construction management students are taught about precast concrete. A goal of the PCI Foundation is to ensure that this type of amazing change — bring ing precast concrete to the students — can take place at every university. To make our efforts sustainable, we need to hear from everyone in the precast industry. When you become a PCI Foundation Sustainable Giver, your gift means that the PCI Foundation will have the freedom to focus on programs that matter most to our industry.

Options for sustainable giving are monthly, quarterly or annual giving. If you sign up as a sustainable donor you will receive a “Team PCI Foundation” football jersey courtesy of JVI during PCI Committee Days (or shortly after if you are not able to attend). Show off your team spirit by wearing your jersey during the Concrete Chefs dinner on Friday October 14.

  • $10 a month will buy a precast studio a copy of the PCI Design Handbook

  • $50 a month will fund two students to attend the PCI Convention

  • $100 a month will pay for books for an entire class

  • $1000 a month will pay for travel to the PCI Convention for all studio professors

  • $2000 a month will fund a studio program

To set up your sustainable donation, visit the donor page or look for a team captain in a white jersey at the Concrete Chefs dinner.

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