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Matthew McDermott Receives First Alan Mattock Scholarship

Matthew McDermott of the University of Minnesota Duluth is the first recipient of the Alan Mattock Graduate Scholarship. This award will aid him as he completes his Daniel P. Jenny Fellowship research,  “Shear Capacity of Hollow-Core Slabs with Concrete Filled Course.” The research will include a minimum of 12 shear tests conducted on six hollowcore specimens to categorize the shear capacity of the slab with variations in the type of core fill concrete, the time elapsed between hollowcore fabrication and core fill, and the core wall surface friction.

Alan Mattock was a professor at the University of Washington and was a driving force in the precast/prestressed concrete industry, particularly in the area of research and on the PCI Research & Development Committee.

"I believe Dr. Alan Mattock would find this project valuable,” says McDermott. "While Dr. Mattock was involved in a vareity of concrete specialties, he spent a significant portion of his career investigating the shear capacity of many types of sections. In addition, Dr. Mattock lived through many advancements of the industry and consequently had a very holistic understanding of concrete design and applications in general."

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