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Idaho State to Begin New Precast Transportation Program

A new Precast Studio at Idaho State University will start up in January and be co-funded by the PCI Foundation and the NPCA Foundation. During the first year, the focus will be on precast bridges and include:

  • Introduction to precast/prestressed concrete

  • Plant tours to Teton Prestress Concrete in Idaho Falls

  • Presentations by Idaho Transportation Department, Sika, Forterra Structural Precast, PCI Mountain States, HDR, and Lochner

  • Precast bridges, basic structural analysis/design, construction technologies, hydraulic considerations

  • Precast bridge site visit (non-seismic)Introduction to precast buildings/differences between precast bridges and buildings

  • Bridge aesthetic using precast concrete

  • Bridge competition: Construction and testing of precast bridge specimens under gravity loads considering strength, weight, cost, durability, and aesthetic

The studio will focus on the use of precast/prestressed concrete in transportation systems (seismic and non-seismic zones) for four years and will include both bridges and culverts. Mustafa Mashal is the lead professor for the program.

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