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Case Studies

Vacuum Hoisting vs. Traditional Hoisting

Minnesota State, Mankato


Engineering, Construction Management


James Besonen, Construction Management


Client Program

A common problem in the erection process of precast concrete is deciding the correct equipment to use. Some contractors prefer the traditional method, simply because it is what they have been using their whole career, while others are hopping on board with vacuum hoisting. For this undergraduate research project, I will discuss the major comparisons between vacuum hoisting and the conventional hoisting method. My goal is to figure out which is best for erecting precast concrete for larger scale projects.I gathered information through several different website and articles as well as comparing experts opinion on their preferred method. The major differences between vacuum hoisting and thetraditional hoisting has proved that vacuum hoisting have reduced production costs, higher production speed onjob sites, reduces ware of hoisting equipment, uses less man power, and lowers power and energy consumption, which can lead to saving money from the engineering department through the field erection process.

Why i chose precast for the project

Precast was the area of study for this course.

Project Details

Research was done through collecting and looking over various precast hoisting articles and websites found online as well as getting in contact with professionals who regularly are surrounded by and use this equipment daily. *Results include vacuum hoisting pros and cons, schedule impacts, costs, uses, safety features, traditional hoisting pros and cons.

Significant Lessons Learned

The results between vacuum hoisting and traditional hoisting proved that vacuum hoisting has indeed reduced production costs, have higher production speed on a job site, reduces ware on hoisting equipment, uses less man power, and lower power and energy consumption, which will lead to saving money from the engineering department through the field erection process. Compared to the traditional method that requires equipment such as lifting pins and anchors, chains and slings, shackles and cable hooks. The traditional hoisting method requires more planning and timefor patching and repairing the precast concrete units from where the lift pins were inserted. It is very apparent that after the initial investmentfor a vacuum hoist the vacuum hoist will save your company time and most importantly, money.

Precast Used

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