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The very first PCI Foundation-sponsored studio took place at the Illinois Institute of Technology in 2007. Assistant Professor Tom Brock led the students who designed a Charter High School on a busy urban site using precast concrete both as the structural system and the cladding system. Other semesters and other projects followed. 

​This studio was a comprehensive studio taking place in the student’s fourth or fifth year plus some graduate students. Projects that were included in the program included: 

  • Spring 2010 – Work Live Artist Space

  • Spring 2009 - Mausoleum

  • Spring 2008 – Multi-family Housing

  • Fall 2007 - Charter High School

Students who took part in the studio not only traveled to precast fabrication plants in the area, but also spent time in architecture firms who shared their experiences working with precast concrete on some major projects. Other time outside of the classroom included tours of precast projects in the area. 

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