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Georgia Tech


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Within the Georgia Tech School of Architecture, there is a focus on the relationship between research, teaching and practice. The school actively seeks out opportunities for each of these domains to influence the others. The goal of the Georgia Tech program is to bring in key organizations within the concrete industry together to collaboratively support an R & D precast concrete teaching lab at Georgia Tech to advance knowledge and practice in precast concrete design and construction.

“Our mission is to provide students with the ability to mediate the design space between complexity and constraints in order to produce exciting buildings that can be built with an economy of means and positive societal impacts,” says Professor Tristan Al-Haddad who will lead the program.

“In order to achieve this, we focus on computational tools and machines in our teaching and research such that mature material systems, such as precast concrete, can continue to evolve, thus advancing our broader mission of excellence and stewardship in the AEC industry.”

Courses that are part of the program include:

Arch 6011 - Parametric Precast Architectural Design Studio

The program during the fall semester included adaptable precast parking systems, total precast systems, novel forming methods, parametric patterning, modular variability, precast for extreme climates, mass-customization, and integrated systems/unitized precast.

ARCH 8803 - Parametric Precast Concrete Workshop

The spring workshop was structured as a technical development, engineering and prototyping workshop that advances and develops the best design from the fall studio. The spring semester workshop will be collaboration with the Civil Engineering Capstone course where the engineering students partner directly with the architecture students to produce a full set of design calculations and designs.


• Tindall Corp.

• Gate Precast

• US Formliner

• Metromont Precast

• Georgia/Carolinas PCI

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