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With great pride... please meet the students chosen for Project Precast 2023

At the Precast show in Columbus, on Friday, February 24th from 2 to 4 pm watch these 6 teams present their precast designs to a large audience and for a project they knew nothing about just 48 hours prior. Each team of six includes two architecture students, one from engineering and one from construction management.

The sponsors and team mentors are back - with sincere thanks to SIKA, CEG. Clark Pacific, Coreslab, Metromont, Tindall, Wells and Hamilton Form Company.

Cash prizes will go to the best team, the People's Choice and one individual who brought the WOW factor.

More than 50 of the best university students across the USA applied to be considered for one of the 6 Project Precast 2023 teams, and here are the results.


Min Lin, Washington University in St. Louis/Architecture

Alireza Hasani, University of North Dakota/Engineering

Team CEG:

Paul Acuna, North Carolina State University/Engineering

Sean Rancapan, NJIT/ Concrete Industry Management

Dominique Wiktorowski, NJIT/Architecture

Maya Yildirim, Washington University in St. Louis/Architecture

Team Clark Pacific:

Sierra Chacon, Cal Poly Pomona/ Architecture

Brian Kilgore, Sacramento State/Engineering

Austin Jared Torralba, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Architecture

Maria Wagner, NJIT/ Concrete Industry Management

Team Coreslab:

Melinda Darmawan, Cal Poly Pomona/Architecture

Diego Gonzalez, Cal Poly Pomona/Architecture

Jonathan Orton, Brigham Young University/Engineering

Fernando Gonzalez, Sacramento State/ Construction Management

Team Metromont:

Ajay Baniya, University of Delaware/Engineering

Brady Andrus, Minnesota State University, Mankato/Construction Management

Ethan Lowndes, Washington University in St. Louis/Architecture

Elizabeth Rodriguez, Kennesaw State University/Architecture

Team Tindall:

Robert Mazzilli, NJIT/Concrete Industry Management

Karly Savinon, NJIT/Architecture

Eman Abdullah, North Carolina State University/Engineering

Chase Rogers, Kennesaw State University/Architecture

Team Wells:

Kenny J. Olsen, University of Delaware/Engineering

Armin Saadegh-Vaziri, NJIT/Concrete Industry Management

Bailey Kijek, Kennesaw State University/Architecture

Luke Duarte-Silva Barry, UC Denver/Architecture

Photo below is from Project Precast 2022

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