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What to Expect at Project Precast

Long Days, Teamwork, Fun

Teams for Project Precast are chosen like the NFL draft, the team mentors choose in rounds to choose their teams. This year there will be 4 students per team - 2 architecture students, 1 construction or concrete management, and 1 engineering student. We also choose 2 alternates who are invited to come to the competition and have their own roles in the competition.

Once the 26 students are announced, we start making travel arrangements. All travel plans are made by and paid for by PCI Foundation. Students arrive in Columbus in time for their first event by noon on Wednesday February 22. Here you will meet your teammates and mentor, learn more about the secret project, and hear from precast experts.

Then, during the next 2 days, teams will work together to design a precast structure unique to the city of Columbus, OH. They will work together and with their mentor, spend time on the show floor, learn presentation skills, and meet a variety of precast experts and community members involved with the project.

Finally, it's "Pens Down" at noon Friday. The students have two hours until their presentation of the project in front of an audience of about 200 and 3-4 jurors from the precast and design world. Following the presentations the jury deliberates and then heads straight to the PCI Design Awards where the winning entries will be announced.

Ready to try for the competition of a lifetime?

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