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USC Precast Project CARAPACE Immortalizes Studio Sponsors In Precast

Part of the ongoing updates from the USC Studio - thanks to Clark Pacific and PCI West


At the top are rows of fill-tubes for the grout that will connect the foundation to the wall. You can also see two of the ten holes for the foundation anchor screws, and one of the four u-shaped temporary lifting lugs. When we finish, the lifting lugs come out, and the fill tubes disappear. In this view, you can see the "identity logos" we cast into the foundation panel: Clark Pacific precast, PCI Foundation (with PCI West), the University of Southern California, and the National Park Service.

USC SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE: CLIPPER STUDIO CARAPACE PAVILION: Student-designed, student fabricated, nearly paperless, double-curved, 100% precast, custom software, CNC-milled, no rebar, super concrete, sensitive site, finite element, parametric design, scripting software, ultra-thin shell, single mold, performative diagrid, total prefab, one-day install, professional partnerships, community engagement, calibrated color-match, integrated foundation, student managed, moment tube, site inspired, 100-year+lifespan, zero maintenance, kicking butts and taking names at the frontiers of design and technology for a world-class educational experience at one of the finest schools of architecture in America.

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