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USC Continues Partnership with National Park Service at Joshua Tree National Park

Students in the Master of Building Science degree program at the University of Southern California School of Architecture are conducting experiments as they get underway on the new "CLIPPER STATION" project. USC is continuing the partnership with the National Park Service at Joshua Tree National Park. The new CLIPPER STATION project will include several distinct arenas of precast, including low-carbon, post-tensioning, translucent concrete, and more. The photos show students conducting scale model tests as they learn more about how precast is done.

The previous project, called the "CARAPACE PAVILION" is awaiting installation. Joshua Tree National Park is busiest in the winter as visitors flock from colder climates to enjoy the warmth and sunshine of the Southern California high desert near Palm Springs. This means that the Park Service Rangers are very busy this time of year. In the summer, Joshua Tree National Park can get too warm for most people to visit (well over 100 degrees many days in a row). USC and Clark Pacific will install the Carapace when the Park Service is ready and has the Ranger staff available, probably in early Spring.

Precast education has expanded throughout the undergraduate architecture materials curriculum. The School of Architecture has completed a proposal to add a new graduate certificate program on the subject of building enclosures, and precast will be included in each of the core courses. USC did not have a regular architecture design studio in 2021-2022, but they expect to have a 4th-year architecture studio in the coming academic year. USC faculty and students will attend the PCI Convention in Kansas City in March to present the plan for the new project. Make sure to visit the University posters sessions during the convention.


Douglas Noble, PhD, FAIA Associate Dean - Architecture Karen M. Kensek, DPACSA Adjunct Professor of Practice Industry Partners CLARK PACIFIC Brad Williams Roy Aguilar PCI FOUNDATION Marty McIntyre PCI WEST Ruth Lehmann JVI, INC.

Jim Voss

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