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University of Delaware Redesigns Curriculum for Maximum Impact

About fourteen partners took part in making the new studio plans possible

In Fall 2022 semest

er, fifteen students participated in a redesigned CIEG 404/604 Prestressed Concrete Design class that was developed with the support from the PCI Foundation. The course was updated based on the students’ and industry partners’ feedback from Fall 2021 semester. This highlights of the course related to PCI Foundation grant include:

  1. Updated precast curriculum, focusing on applications, analysis and design of precast concrete members;

  2. A guest lecture on “Intro to Precast: Materials, Production, Standard Sections and Applications” by Brian Huttner of Tindall Corporation.

  3. A guest lecture on “Connections and Anchorage Devices” by David Jablonsky (ALP Supply);

  4. A guest lecture on “Accelerated Bridge Construction” by Greg Gorman of Pennstress;

  5. A field visit to Northeast Precast;

  6. A design project with four students team mentored by industry partners; students worked on a parking garage, stadium riser, supporting structure for an apartment pool, Big Beam design projects.

  7. A Project Symposium where students presented their designs and addressed questions by the industry mentors.

In the Spring 2023 semester (10 students), precast concrete was introduced throughout the lectures in CIEG 406 Reinforced Concrete Design. In addition, the students were assigned a “Precast Assignment.” As part of the assignment, they had to do the following:

  1. Become a PCI Student Member.

  2. Pass the introductory course to precast/prestressed concrete on PCI Academy by Prof. Sergio Bena.

  3. Attend Precast Concrete Seminar Series featuring talks by Diana Estrada, P.E., Ph.D. Candidate at Georgia Tech and Senior Consultant at Engineering Services Inc and Prof. Natassia Brenkus of The Ohio State University (see Appendix A). In addition to CIEG 406 students, the seminars were also attended by Structural Engineering graduate students. The attendance ranged from 20 to 30 students in each talk.

Click on the document below to read the full report on the studio (use the square at the bottom left to get it to your full screen).


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