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Twelve Precast Programs Planned for 2019-2020

Twelve schools of architecture, engineering and construction management will have uniquely designed programs specifically featuring precast concrete design and construction during the 2019-2020 school year -- with the possibility of even more schools being added.

Students will typically have a chance to tour a precast concrete facility as part of their PCI Foundation school experience.

No single program is exactly like another. The PCI Foundation program provides curriculum development grants that allow a professor to work with an industry partner and explore how precast concrete design and construction may affect or promote his or her own area of interest. This school year, the following schools have PCI Foundation precast programs funded:

  • Arizona State University (architecture)

  • Clemson University (architecture/engineering)

  • Colorado State (construction management/engineering)

  • Georgia Tech (architecture)

  • Idaho State University (bridges)

  • North Carolina State University (architecture/engineering)

  • Sacramento State (bridges)

  • Tulane University (architecture)

  • University of Arizona (architectural engineering/construction management)

  • University of Colorado Denver (architecture)

  • University of Minnesota Duluth (engineering/construction management)

  • University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (architecture)

Students from each of these schools are encouraged to become PCI Student members as part of their PCI Foundation experience.

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