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Tindall Mississippi Wins PCI BBQ Competition

Tindall's plant in Moss Point, Mississippi was declared the winner of the 2017 PCI Foundation BBQ Competition, raising $13,708.52  to support new precast education programs for schools of architecture, engineering and construction management. Valeri Wager of Tindall oversaw the BBQ for 105 people and included both employees and subcontractors, a raffle for vacation time and other prizes, a vendor fair of subcontractors, with southern BBQ chicken, pulled pork and brisket on the menu. This was the first time the plant entered the competition. 

A plaque honoring the winning plant will be awarded during the PCI Convention in February in Denver, CO and the plant will receive a new commercial grade grill from competition sponsor, GCP Applied Technologies. 

This year, 17 events took place during September and October, raising more than $57,000 for the PCI Foundation and feeding more than 1800 people with food that varied from brisket to barbeque to rattle snake.  Each event is unique in that it planned and executed to work for the individual plant, but all have the goal of both raising funds for the PCI Foundation and raising industry awareness about the work done by PCI-F. Many plants used the event as a way to entertain customers, while others focused on employees and family.

Other Prizes Awarded in 2017 include:

Family and Friends Award (highest number of employees inviting family and friends) 

Gate Precast, Hillsboro, TX

Student Attendees

Wells Concrete

Most Unusual Menu Item

Gate Precast Hillsboro, TX (rattlesnake)

Most Unusual Fundraiser

Gate Precast Winchester, KY - Bow Shooting Competition (3rd Annual)

Best Team Building

Gate Precast, Kississimee, FL ("I Survived the PCI Foundaiton BBQ" tee shirts for all)

Best Event Photo

Gate Precast, Kississimee, FL (Roast Pig with Hard Hat)

100% Award (100% of Employees Attended) 

Gate Precast, Hillsboro, TX

Gate Precast, Pearland, TX

Gate Precast, Winchester, KY

Wells Concrete, Allbany, MN

Wells Concrete, Grand Forks, ND

Wells Concrete Maple Grove, MN

Wells Concrete, Rosemount, MN

Many companies used the event for team building, and included a tailgate party (Enterprise Precast), a Brisket Competition with 10 employees participating (Gate Hillsboro), a vendor fair (Tindall Mississippi), raffles for vacation time for employees (Tindall Spartanburg and Gate Kississimee). Another favorite fundraiser for several events is the dunk tank with a the plant manager or another good sport inside.